Tanzania emblem
Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania


Idara ya Mpiga Chapa Mkuu wa Serikali

To print Quality documents timely, and in a cost effective manner.

-To prepare for printing works;
-To print various documents;
-To bind documents;
-To control quality of the printing;
-To plan, install and maintain printing machines and equipment;
-To disseminate printing output to the public;
-To keep custody of the National emblem;
-To advise the Government on printing; and
-To prepare, review and monitor implementation of printing policy and legislative strategies.

The Division will be led by a Government Printer and will have the following sections:
-Quality Assurance and Control Section;
-Production Section;
-Technical Services Section;
-Marketing Services and Government Bookshops Section; and Dodoma Branch.

Quality Assurance and Control Section
The Section isperforming the following activities:
-Prepare, review and monitor implementation of printing policies, legislature and strategies;
-Identify and advise on printing requirements;
-Plan execution of received orders from customers;
-Prepare printing job specifications;
-Estimate costs of printing;
-Provide specifications for procurement of printing materials;
-Asses quality of printing materials on production line;
-Check on quality of output; and Estimate expected printing requirements.

Production Section
The Section will perform the following activities:
-Design various types of printing outputs like Calendars, books, ballot papers, diaries, brochures etc.;
-Prepare printing formats;
-Proofread designs and formats according to specifications;
-Lay-out and cut papers into required sizes;
- films and printing plates for various colours;
-Print by using single/multi-colour Litho printer and letter press printer (printing by using plates);
-Control security features in documents as required;
-Fold printed materials to the specified requirements;
-Bind books, booklets, pads, etc.; and
-Crease, perforate and slot printed paper.

Technical Services Section
The Section will perform the following activities:
-Plan for modernization of printing machines and equipment (mechanical, electrical, electronic);
-Plan and identify printing machines and equipment required;
-Prepare technical specifications for new machines, equipment, spare parts, computers and other technical things to be ordered or purchased by the factory;
-Install new machine and equipment; and
-Repair and maintain machines and equipment.

Marketing and Government Bookshops Section
The Section will perform the following services:
-Facilitate establishment and management of Government Bookshops;
-Write periodic report on marketing and bookshops;
-Sell Government Documents; and
-Develop and implement marketing Strategies in liaison with Information, Education and Communication Unit.