Head of Department,Acting Director: Aristides Mbwasi
Assistant Director: ...
Assistant Director: Christopher Mramba

This Division will perform the following functions:-

(i) To develop, review and monitor implementation of Investment policy, strategies, plans, programs and legislations;
(ii) To oversee investments projects in collaboration with other stakeholders;
(iii) To provide advice on the matters pertaining to investment;
(iv) To facilitate provision of  adequate, accurate and timely information for investment decision;
(v) To develop and strengthen linkages between local and foreign investors; and
(vi) To facilitate foreign investments in all sectors of the economy.

This Division  have two (2) Sections as follows:-
(i) Investment Facilitation Section; and
(ii) Investment Monitoring Section.


 Investment Facilitation Section

 This Section will perform the following specific activities:-

(i) Develop and implement strategies to improve doing business and investment environment;
(ii) Coordinate implementation of the Government Road Map for Improvement of Business Environment and Investment Climate in Tanzania;
(iii) Monitor and evaluate implementation of Comprehensive Action Reform by implementing MDAs;
(iv) Review Tanzania’s annual performance in the ease of doing business report and provide recommendation for strategy to improve the Country ranking;
(v) Develop and implement strategies  to facilitate domestic and foreign investment;
(vi) Coordinate and follow-up on Local and International fora to improve relations and investment environment;
(vii) Make timely intervention with relevant Institutions to resolve bottlenecks confronting investors;
(viii) Coordinate participation of Tanzania in the Regional investment initiatives;
(ix) Facilitate negotiation and contract management for local and foreign investment;
(x) Collect and disseminate information on  investment opportunities emanating from Bilateral, Regional and Multilateral treaties and agreements; and
(xi) Coordinate cross-cutting matters pertaining to investment projects.        

This Section will be led by an Assistant Director.


Investment Monitoring Section

This Section will perform the following activities:-

(i) Develop, review and monitor implementation of Investment policy, strategies, plans, programs, legislations;
(ii) Prepare and implement Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for investment;
(iii) Monitor and evaluate performance of investment projects contracts and agreements;
(iv) Undertake periodic cost benefit analysis on the effectiveness of incentives accorded to investors by the Government and advice accordingly;
(v) Establish and update  an  investment data base;
(vi) Asses investment social Impacts in line with investment policy; and
(vii) Oversee investment promotion institutions.

This Section will be led by an Assistant Director.