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1. Introduction

The Government has initiated a Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) which is a public-private partnership aimed at increasing agribusiness investments with the objective to increase smallholder incomes and create new jobs along agribusiness value chains in Tanzania’s southern corridor. The partnership is a centerpiece of Tanzania’s Kilimo Kwanza strategy for pursuing food security, poverty reduction, rapid economic growth and reduced vulnerability to climate change.

SAGCOT’s long-term aim is, over the next twenty years, to develop Tanzania’s Southern Corridor as a cohesive, modern commercial agricultural area. The outcomes will be simultaneously to foster growth in profitable, environmentally and socially responsible agriculture as well as generating a new force for rural development and poverty reduction. Implementation of this initiative will be facilitated through three entities, namely, Tanzania Investment Center (TIC), SAGCOT Centre Limited and the SAGCOT Catalytic Fund Trust.

All elements of the SAGCOT project coordination initiated by the Government is executed by a Project Coordination Unit (PCU) established in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).          PCU will be headed by a Project Coordinator (PC) reporting to the Permanent Secretary (PS), PMO. It is charged with the responsibility of managing, coordinating and implementing the SAGCOT Initiatives project. The PCU facilitate communications between key SAGCOT stakeholders including the SAGCOT Centre, SAGCOT Catalytic Fund, Tanzania Investment Center and other Government entities with direct and indirect roles in the project.  Direct implementation of the SAGCOT project lies within the mandate of respective implementing agencies.

The Project Coordinator will be supported by Technical and Support Staff amongst who shall include a Financial Management Specialist (FMS).  Therefore the Project Coordination Unit –Prime Minister’s Office intends to use a part of the Project funds for hiring of a Project Consultant in dealing with the financial issues in the Project.

2. Objective of the Assignment

The objective of the assignment is to provide support to the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) on all activities relating to the project financial matters with strict adherence to World Bank policies and guidelines

3. The role of financial management specialist

The Financial Management Specialist shall support the SAGCOT Project Coordinator in all aspects of financial management and monitoring of project funds with a view to ensuring a transparent and efficient financial management system for the SAGCOT.  The FMS shall  support the component manager – SAGCOT Centre Limited,  the SAGCOT Catalytic Fund Trust, TIC and the Project Coordinator (PC) in (a) preparation and consolidation of the periodic financial management reports of the project (b) timely preparation of the consolidated Financial Monitoring Reports (FMR) and the replenishment/withdrawal applications that are to be submitted to IDA, and (c) provision of timely advice and support to the implementing Units/Agencies in preparation of the required financial management systems and reports as required. The detailed activities include:

a) Support to the SAGCOT implementing agencies;

i. Provide overall support in establishing a proper internal control system to achieve accountability at all levels and assurance that project funds are used for intended purposes with due consideration for economy, efficiency and effectiveness;

ii. Train and Provide technical support to the implementing agencies managers and FM staff in fine tuning their FM systems for proper internal control systems and generation of the required FM reports in the agreed format as provided in the PIM;

iii. Provide timely technical support to the implementing agencies in all aspects of the project financial management activities including establishment of a transparent and effective FM system with strong internal controls and the preparation of the required reports for the use of WB;

iv. Train and Provide technical support to the implementing agencies managers in preparing the consolidated quarterly FMR (Financial Monitoring Reports) i.e. financial, procurement and physical progress reports for the project for submission to PC and IDA;

v. Provide any other FM related technical input and advisory support services to the implementing agencies where required;

vi. Facilitate any and all financial reviews of the funds and accounts by the GoT Internal Auditors, External Auditor, the World Bank and other donors’ supervision missions and provide support on audit matters as directed by the Coordinator and donors from time to time;

vii. Provide support and formal and hands on training to the various relevant accountants and focal points of implementing agencies involved in the project on the implementation of the procedures outlined in the Project Implementation Manual (PIM). Further, ad hoc training will also need to be provided for the same staff to address: (i) weaknesses that may be identified as part of the supervision or, (ii) training needs expressed by the relevant FM officers;

b) Support to the Project Coordination Unit

i. Establish a simplified system of preparing, consolidating, the project’s FMR reports and requests for replenishment of funds for the project;

ii. Provide support to the PC in the preparation of response to any FM related communications from IDA and other donors;

iii. Consult implementing agencies and prepare a consolidated budget and annual cash flow plan for the Project activities;

iv. Facilitate disbursements of funds to implementing agencies as and when required and monitor compliance of projects with financial requirements in line the disbursement plan;

v. Coordinate, prepare and submit consolidated financial monitoring reports and financial statements and disbursement reports in a timely manner quarterly, half-yearly and annually;

vi. Assess periodic project financial management reports for financial performance and advise on appropriate actions, if required;

vii. Guide and advise the SAGCOT Initiative on financial management requirements and on financial management capacity building technical assistance programs;

viii. Coordinate and support the financial auditing and monitoring of Project accounts, and impart financial management skills to SAGCOT Initiative and implementing agencies’ staff;

ix. Conduct an orderly payment process, as well as proper recording  of the same;

x. Perform any other duties and task as may be assigned by the Project Coordinator

4. Qualification

The consultant should be an experienced accounting and financial management specialist and should be familiar with the relevant policies of the Government of Tanzania as well as World Bank and other donor’s policies and procedures relating to financial management and disbursements.

  1. Master of Science in Accounting and Finance or Equivalent
  2. At least five years working experience in finance, accounts, audit or related field.
  3. 5years experience working on donor funded projects.
  4. A professional qualification such as ACCA, CPA or CIMA

v. Must be Familiar  with the World Bank financial management Guidelines, policies and disbursement rules and procedures

  1. Knowledge of accounting, auditing and financial reporting systems and software packages;
  2. Strong planning, organization and time management skills and ability to manage multiple tasks;
  3. Strong analytical capabilities and proven skills to deal with Financial Management issues innovatively and independently;
  4. Capacity to be a member of a multi-disciplinary team, to provide advice and recommend actions;
  5. Proficient in preparing and presenting reports, and
  6. Proficient communication in oral and written English

5. Reports

The Financial Management Specialist will report directly to the SAGCOT Initiative Coordinator and will be accountable for managing and monitoring of Project funds and ensuring that all financial transactions are in line with the Public Finance Act, its regulations, as well as the Public Procurement Act. The Financial Management Specialist should be capable of preparing and submitting a number of reports including:

1). Monthly financial statement/reports;

2). Quarterly financial reports;

3). Annual financial reports;

4). Quarterly budget and cash flow plans;

5). Cash flow statement;

6). Ledger of payments for various activities, and Accounts and Audit report.

6 Contract Duration

The Financial Management Specialist will be recruited on a fixed-term contract one year and receive an attractive salary commensurate to the level of skills and experience. The contract may be renewed contingent upon project budgeting and satisfactory performance evaluation.

7 Facilities to be provided by SAGCOT

SAGCOT will provide adequate full time office space for the Financial Management Specialist including working facilities that are required in the smooth implementation of the Financial Management Specialist duties. Desk top computer, transport and communication facilities, Laptop, printer, scanner, photocopy machine, furniture and stationery.

8 Leave

The Financial Management Specialist will be entitled to 28 days paid leave during the twelve (12) months duration of the assignment.

9      Payment Terms

For payment purposes for the assignment the Financial Management Specialist shall negotiate with SAGCOT on their monthly remuneration for carrying out the assignment. This being a Contract for the Service the agreed monthly remuneration shall cover all the experts’ expenses in carrying out the assignment including taxes, levies, pension etc.


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